Day 1\\ Meeting Bangkok 

After the long 11 hour flight, and making it safely through customs we chucked on what felt like our 200 stone bags and skipped down the airport with joy that we had finally made it to Thailand. 

Luckily for us, we had organised an airport transfer so we didn’t have to wait for a taxi, we found our transport quickly and before we knew it we were heading to our hotel where we would be staying for 3 nights. 

Our hotel is called “The Bangkok Centre Hotel” which is located on Rama IV Road. The hotel sits opposite the National Railway Station- Hua Lumphong and MRT subway. Noticing straight away how bad the traffic is in Bangkok the hotel staff were keen to tell us that the most convenient way of getting around is to use the MRT (Metropolitian Rapid Transit) or the BTS (Bangkok Transit Skyline). Adventuring out, and after meeting some people, we got told about museum of “Jim Thompson House” (An American entrepreneur known for his contribution and development to the Thai Silk Industry, and founder of the ‘Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company’) we jumped on the MRT and BTS to Siem and got off at the National Park stadium, where it is then walking distance to the house. 

When entering you pay 150TB which is about equivalent to £3, and within that price you get a tour included. Walking around beautiful Thai gardens and 6 beautiful Thai houses in which Jim Thompson lived, it was a really interesting tour and one I would reccomend. Spending how ever long you want you can really explore the gardens and all what the Museum has to offer, by visiting their Restuant or shopping for souvenirs in their shop. 

After, we then headed down the road and found a food and clothes market. I’m unsure of the name but it was literally walking distance from Jim Thompson house, approx 6mins. The market was so lively, with loud music playing and people walking round, it had a really good buzzy atmosphere.With a variety of different food it was a great way to try some new things and get stuck into the Thai cuisine. We decided to try some famous sticky mango rice and coconut ice cream. 

We weren’t the worlds biggest fan as it was all very very sweet, but hey at least we tried. Heading over to the clothes stalls, everything was just so cheap, whether you want to buy some little purses, some fake channel bags or some typical Thai elephant trousers the markets have it all. 

Heading back to our hotel with feet aching and eyes amazed day 1 in Bangkok has been pretty amazing. 


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