Life = Adventure. Adventure = Life

A Bucket list:
“A list of a number of experiences or achievements that a person wants to accomplish during their lifetime”

Everyone has one right?…

My bucket list has been one that i have been mentally listing, forever, always adding never taking away. My bucket list consists of many weird and wonderful things, some so small and which may sound pointless to others, yet, some also so big, scary and adventurous. My bucket list seems very much, mostly, travel related; there is many i can tick off, many i can SOON tick off and many that i hope i can tick off in my lifetime.

As most would agree, life is about ADVENTURE. It’s about finding those things that you never even knew you were looking for.

If life had no adventure, it would be boring. It wouldn’t gives us the feeling of excitement, or nerves, it wouldn’t give us stories, it wouldn’t gives us that daring quality to do something nor would it give us all the millions of friends we have across the world. It can come in all different shapes and sizes and mean something different to everybody. As you can tell I am bias to the idea that ‘to travel, is to live‘.

With this saying planted into my brain, this last week my fingers have been constantly on the ‘Book It’ button.

COUNTDOWN: 127 days to go. 


Ive not even started travelling yet and already the planning and organising is a journey in itself. Sitting there for hours on end comparing flights and researching into hostels and areas to stay, theres so much stuff to do, and i don’t want to miss anything out!!! But Bali was the one place i knew i just couldn’t miss out, FINALLY… BALI HAS BEEN BOOKED. I REPEAT. BALI HAS BEEN BOOKED!!!

Ahhh, since forever, Bali has been up there in my top 3, maybe even top 2 places that i have always wanted to visit. The beaches, the sea, the sand, the peace and the lifestyle. The paradise of all paradise. A pretty place that I’ve always wanted to get a beach bikini picture in. However, with 176 days to go till we reach Bali, the ‘Bali Bod Gym Plan’ is now in full swing.

My friend and I have decided that while away, we don’t just want to come back with the same old stories and say that all we have done in our 6 months of travelling is drink and party- YES there is still going to be plenty of that, however we also want to be able to say that we have done other things. With that in mind, we have decided to spend our time in Bali by staying in a yoga hotel. My friend and I were both keen on the idea of doing our Yoga training while we were out in Bali, however due to costs and time we sadly had to reconsider. Never the less, we have found the most amazing hotel that is located in the heart of Ubud and nestled right in amongst the rice paddies, monkey forrest and monkey temples, It is called ‘The Yoga Barn’. It even sounds magical I know. This is where we will be spending our first 7 nights in Bali, ‘seeking to nourish our minds, bodies and souls’ eeeekk! (Yoga me up). Everyday we get a selection of different yoga classes to take part in, all aimed at mixed ability. From traditional yoga, to Vinyasa, Yin, and Acro yoga, the hotel offers it all. Theres even opportunities for Tai Chi, Meditation and a centre for holistic healing. BLISS.

This is beyond what i could ever imagine doing. I love yoga so why not. There’s travelling and theres taking an adventure. This by far comes under taking an adventure.

I can say that in 176 days (I’m very excited) i will be living and experiencing ‘The Bali Dream’. I can’t quite believe it either.

“Life is an adventure, Live it while you can. You can never have today again, tomorrow only comes once and yesterday is gone forever. Make your choice wisely, then live the adventure that you create. “- Anonymous 




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