Ready, Steady.. BOOK!

People say that ‘timing is everything’.. But can you really pin point the most perfect time, well for anything. I think not, there is just no such thing. I am all for spontaneity instead, the get up and go behaviour. Its far more exciting don’t you think?

Ive always known that I’ve wanted to go travelling around South East Asia, how original as some would say. It just looks like such a magical place and seeing peoples pictures just draws me in each time and gets me saying ‘someday i have to go there’.

Around January time, my friend and i were both at work, both hating life and both hating the miserable weather thats so famously known as the ‘typical english weather’. Contemplating life, and saying how there was no longer anything new and exciting we soon got onto the subject of travelling… and just like that our eyes lit up and the smiles grew on our faces. We were both thinking the same, ‘OMG shall we actually do it (shocked face)’. There was nothing holding us back, we were in dead end jobs and only recently and very slowly growing up in the world of teaching dance. However, after weeks of saying ‘lets do it’ we never really progressed anywhere, there was something tying us down; teaching, leaving our kids, putting our jobs on hold, boys, money. We wasn’t sure. Never the less, we still knew that we wanted to go, whether it would be this year, next year or even in a few years to come, so we continued searching and wrote down our top places and countries we wanted to see and visit (the excitement was growing).

We spoke to every single person that we knew had been or who was still travelling, getting as much information and research as we could. We really didn’t have a clue where to begin. Stay in this hostel stay in that hostel, go here, don’t go there, travel with this company and not that company, do a tour and don’t do a tour. WE WERE SO CONFUSED, heads pounding and palms sweating.

However, despite how confused and nervous we were, it was all so exciting, every time we spoke about it, it gave us shivers. We were too excited by the idea to wait any longer. And with that it was time to P… time to PLAN.

We sat there endlessly searching and comparing flights and prices. Then, with a click and a scream or two later we had our first ONE WAY FLIGHT to Bangkok BOOKED. AHHHH. In my whole 21 years of living i don’t think i have ever been so spontaneous, seconds ago it was a dream, a conversation, now it was a reality, and one that we would be experiencing in less then 10 months time. I hadn’t even fully spoke to my parents about it, what have i just done. EKKKK!!!

With the parents reassured, the ball was now rolling, and with that (without fail) we found ourselves sat there every week with laptops, passports, and biscuits out, planning and organising our trip- Bangkok, onto a tour around Thailand visiting Viet Nam, Cambodia, Loas, Chiang Mai, arrive back to Bangkok before venturing to Phuket, few days then off we go to spend Christmas at Phi Phi islands. New years around the corner so of course it has to be Koh Phangan before heading onto the other small islands of Koh Samui and Koh Toa… WOW, thats just Thailand and isn’t even 2 months. Within our travels, we also want and hope to visit, Bali, Gili island, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia. More exciting planning is to be done.

The word excited doesn’t even come close, we’re now at the half way mark with just over 4 months to go. I am a big believer in things happen for a reason. Things happen, shit happens, but life still goes on. If you don’t live it you will only regret doing the things you only wished you did. BE SPONTANEOUS




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