Two Peas in a Pod

Blondie and Brownie, ‘Kendall’ and ‘Gigi’ (i use this term lightly..  as we could only WISH!!!) – What ever you call your friend and soon to be travel partner.. You only end up becoming two peas in a pod!!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 01.20.44


However, since telling everyone mine and my friends travelling plans the same sentences have often repeated; “No matter how close you are, i guarantee you will argue” and “what are you going to do if you fall out” and “it’s going to make you or break you” Bla..Bla..Bla.. WE KNOW!

It is just me and one other friend that i will be travelling with (to start with), and after endless excited conversations we both know that we are going to have to put up with each other’s weirdness, craziness,  ditzyness, sleepless-ness, drunkness, moaning-ness and upset belly-ness for weeks, or maybe even months…and when your living in each other’s pockets I know it going to be hard… ….But hold on I’m sure I do all of this already (Christia if you read this don’t hate me ha).

The second pea in the pod, Brownie, ‘Kendall’, the friend, who I already spend every bloody day with. Either working, teaching dance, yoga-ing or going out and getting drunk, we always seem to somehow see and catch each other, every day a different place, different time and different reason. Seeing each other every day, as well as sharing the same interests makes it a little easier knowing that we will probably (actually WILL) be okay when it comes to going.


If you ask me, a travel partner needs to be someone who you just click with. Click meaning: able to be yourself, able to trust that person with your whole life (and wardrobe), able to piss whilst having the door open, able to be the best wing women and able to laugh your head off at the most stupid things. If you and your friends relationship is like that already than my question is… how much more ‘different’ and ‘difficult’ must travelling be?

Ive done some research….

VERDICT: It’s not! 

Yes it will test us, yes we will probably argue and yes we will probably nick each others clothes and get annoyed even though we said we would share everything, BUT…it will only bring us closer together, and build our friendship stronger (like what all life lessons and adventures do when sharing them with a friend). No matter what, we will share golden memories and experiences and hold onto these for life.. whether we end up staying friends or not.

Lucky for me, i have 2 special added extras that we will be meeting us half way during our trip. Not only adding to the memories and adventure, but, meeting up and being a breathe of fresh air for all of us. Theres nothing like having the girls together, catching up on whats happened and gossiping about home life. With us all being a million miles away from home, seeing 2 familiar faces will be beyond the best thing and one that may make me cry with happiness or/and wet myself with excitement. Either way a real added bonus to the trip.

Although my journey begins with only two peas in a pod, i can’t wait for friendships to grow and for new friendships to start, the travel journey has began!!

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles”- Tim Cahill.


If you are looking at going travelling with a friend, yet you also get an ear full swell. Here are some things that me and my friend have thought about:

Be smart when booking and planning. Think about what will help build your relationship.

  1. Book hostels rather than private rooms.  
    Hostels can sleep up to 30 people in one room, and become the perfect place to mingle, chat and meet new friends while still sticking with your travel buddy. It will give you that break from being just in each others company.
  2. Book a tour, with a company or group of people.
    Instead of venturing out by yourselves and not having a clue where to go and what to visit, a tour is ideal. With no more than 16 people in the group, the tours allows you to meet and stay with the same group of people for the entire time, helping you build friendships that may then lead onto further travelling plans. (STA is a great website)
  3. Encourage your other friends to come and travel.
    This may not work in all cases but upload loads of pictures onto instagram and make all your friends at home jealous, only wishing they were with you right now. You never know they may even come out and visit you. Fingers crossed.
  4. Meet up with old travelling friends or family.
    If you have friends or family in the country or area you are staying, then be sure to catch up with them. It becomes the perfect way to get yourself stuck into the culture and lifestyle, as well time to rekindle old memories.





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