‘True friends never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart’

Ask anyone who has been to camp and we will all scream and shout the same thing… then cry a little as we start to think about the memories we have and the friends and kids that we miss.

I was located at an all girls camp in Wisconsin and was 1 out of only 2 English girls in the whole camp- and every time the answer was ‘no, we don’t know the queen personally’.


Camp was so vibrant and so colourful, kids coming in from all over Amercica, as well Mexico, France, Spain and Australia. It was a whirlwind of accents, languages, humour and sarcasms (which we were all eventually able to understand). Despite these few barriers its like everybody has known each other their whole lives, and has always been in your life. From the get go you find yourself telling these new family members your past, your stories your fears and your secrets.

Community. Sisterhood, And at the heart of it all relationship. 


For those 3 short months, i made friends who knew me head to toe, inside out, and back to front… everything about me. And vis visa. Friendships that started from nothing and developed into a million and one friendship bracelets, and a million and two memories and laughs. Friends for life as they say.

Leaving camp was beyond the most emotional thing, however leaving your best friends is even harder. Having met in a place a million miles away from home, which at first you were scared of, to now calling it home and not wanting to drive down that long lane and wave goodbye. Never the less, you always know that true best friends always reunite at some point! FACT!

And with that (a year or two later) MEXICO was calling me!

I was off to stay with my mexican pals for 3 and half weeks, and seek more travelling around the beautiful country i call paradise. Absence makes the heart grow founder, and when i say us old camp friends picked up from where we left off, it was like we had seen each other only yesterday- it was like 3 and half weeks wasn’t enough time to catch up on everything.

mex beach

I was able to do the most amazing things begin away and i only have my mexican girls to thank for that. From swimming with sea lions, and staying in a gloriously huge yatch for a week, to shopping and eating ice cream. I climbed a pyramid, and got taught how to water ski, learnt how to drive a massive quad bike, while also having those chilled girly nights watching films and eating popcorn. Hands down the busiest yet best 3 week and half weeks of my life, and one i couldn’t stop telling everyone when i arrived home. Those 3 weeks only brought our friendships closer, adding only more memories to the collection.


Thats the sad thing, you just never know when your next going to see each other. Even though we are lucky enough to have technology this day and age, a cuppa tea and a cupcake always goes down much better face to face. I miss my camp friends, my sisters from around the world, and it is amazing to say i have made best friends from all these different countries.


Its true what they say, true best friends don’t just need to be around the corner.

‘True best friend never apart, maybe in distance..  But never in heart’






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